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Successful Production of Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) Isolate for Preclinical Study

Ottawa, CANADA (November 25, 2022) –Cannabis Orchards is proud to announce the successful production of Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) at over 98% potency and 100% purity, verified by HPLC and NMR respectively.

"CBGA has long been a compound difficult to study given the difficulty in producing a purified extract while avoiding decarboxylation. Using novel techniques, our partners have been able to isolate CBGA without heat, thereby avoiding decarboxylation. The starting material consisted of HURV19PAN kief produced by our team with over 50% CBGA potency, allowing for the rapid and large scale production of CBGA isolate" said Dr. Jamie Ghossein, CEO of Cannabis Orchards Inc. "By producing CBGA isolate, we can now offer this novel compound to basic science researchers to perform the important preclinical work in understanding the therapeutic potential of CBGA in various clinical applications. The possibilities are vast and we are actively engaging with institutional researchers to apply CBGA in various preclinical models of disease."

If you are researcher or company interested in procuring CBGA isolate, you are invited to contact Rachael Cranston at for more information.

About Cannabis Orchards

Cannabis Orchards Inc. is an inventive, research-driven, and proudly Canadian company focused on furthering the development and commercialization of novel cannabinoids and therapeutics. The company is highly research-motivated and leads research into the development of new hemp varieties, and their applications in clinic. Cannabis Orchards products are highly sought after by Licensed Processors, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. For more information on Cannabis Orchards Inc., visit


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