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About Us

Cannabis Orchards, located in Ottawa, Canada, holds a Health Canada plant breeding industrial hemp license since 2018. The license includes the cultivation, import, export, sale and production of hemp seed and flower, as well as the cultivation of unapproved cultivars for the purposes of registration, research and field testing.

For more information on procuring seeds or plant matter from CBD or CBG-rich varieties,
please visit our order page or contact us for more details.

Introduction of the first CBG variety and feminized seed to the Canadian hemp industry.

We hold the exclusive rights to HURV19PAN (Panakeia), the only CBG and THC-free hemp variety available worldwide. Exclusivity covers production and sale of seed, clone and plant matter in Canada. HURV19PAN is approved by Health Canada and available for sale. 


Breeding program and feminized seed production.

Our team specializes in indoor feminized seed production. Using our in-house protocol and under our plant breeding license, we can produce feminized seed for any industrial hemp variety. We produce feminized seeds under the new standards set by the Canadian Seed Growers Association for the production of pedigreed seed. If you would like us to produce feminized seed for your variety, please contact us for more details.

Under the supervision of our certified plant breeder, we have a breeding program which aims to develop varieties producing minor cannabinoids, as well as high CBD, low THC varieties. Our internal breeding program has already led to potential candidates currently undergoing further testing (pictured on left).


Passion to help those in need.

We are motivated to provide new therapeutic options for patients. With a clinical background and affiliation with the major hospitals in the Ottawa region, we can bring therapeutics derived by our hemp varieties directly to patients in need.


Industrial applications and export.

Our projects have many applications, especially with the first CBG hemp variety to be introduced to the Canadian market. Given the 0.00% THC content, this will be an attractive offering to food, beverage, health supplements and cosmetics companies.

If you are outside of Canada and interested in importing our seeds or biomass, please contact us.

Meet The Team

jamie ghossein pic.jpg

Dr. Jamie Ghossein


Dr. Ghossein leads the company strategy, especially where it pertains to R&D. Whether it be in the clinic through various partnerships with local hospitals, or with major universities for wet lab research, his direction ensures Cannabis Orchards remains on the cutting edge of therapeutic development.

david murtagh.jpg

David Murtagh

VP, Cultivation

hari nair.jpg

Dr. Hari Nair

Certified Plant Breeder

B. Sc., M. Sc., PH. D.

Dr. Nair is a certified plant breeder with the Canadian Seed Grower’s Association (CSGA). After joining the company in 2020, he oversees the internal breeding program, certification of new varieties with Health Canada and the CSGA as well as import/exports.

David Murtagh brings years of experience as an independent breeder and hemp cultivator. His expertise in breeding led to the development of new CBD cultivars currently under testing. His background in both the agricultural and construction industry allows Cannabis Orchards to operate large scale cultivation and breeding programs with efficiency.


Rachael Cranston
Agronomist, Sales and Communication Specialist

Rachael studied Environmental studies at Carleton University. Her background in the environmental, technological and agricultural sectors directly bring support to every aspect of the Cannabis Orchards team. 

20210626_195334 (1)_edited.jpg

Laura Kelly
Assistant Breeder and Business Development

Working under the supervision of Dr. Nair, Laura assists in novel plant breeding projects for the development of innovative hemp varieties. She also assists Cannabis Orchards in strategic areas for basic science and clinical application of minor cannabinoids, and is currently completing a masters in biology at Carleton University.

B. Sc., M. Sc. Candidate

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