Growing Panakeia

Planting: Region dependent, we suggest late May - June for most provinces.


Flowering: 60 days after seeding.


Spacing: 3’-5’ depending on planting date.


Harvesting: Mid-late September. 


Yields: High yielding, up to 4000 lbs/acre.


Structure: Indica dominant. Medium, stout plant, stacking flower with numerous branching. Medium internode length. 



Outdoors, expect 14% CBG, 0.00% THC and CBD.

Indoors, expect up to 18% CBG, 0.00% THC and CBD.


In 14 outdoor field trials conducted across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec, Panakeia consistently tested undetectable THC and undetectable CBD (<0.001% w/w). 

Feminization: 99%+ feminized.

Hermaphrodisme: In high cannabinoid hemp, hermaphrodisme is a possibility. Panakeia will exhibit hermaphroditic traits if grown in sub-optimal conditions. Careful monitoring and proper farming/husbandry can successfully mitigate these issues. Please remember that all high cannabinoid hemp requires continual monitoring and care. We strongly advise all farmers to walk their fields. 


In our outdoor trials, less than 1% of plants exhibited hermaphrodisme.

Panakeia COA.

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