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CSGA-Certified Seed

Available May/June 2021

18% CBG, 0.00% THC. The first THC-free hemp strain to be introduced to Canada.

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CBG Cultivar Approved by Health Canada

HURV19PAN (Panakeia) is the only high Cannabigerol (CBG), zero THC industrial hemp variety worlwide. This is a Health Canada approved industrial hemp variety with CSGA-certified seed production in Ottawa, Canada. This strain has been in development for several years and Panakeia is the first ever release of this genetic. Panakeia will run approximately 14% CBG in field. We have achieved higher CBG under perfect conditions, but on large scale acreage consistently hit 14% CBG and always 0.00% THC.

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THE PANAKEIA ADVANTAGE: High yields, higher profits, faster processing, lower risk.

Speed: Early harvesting (Mid-September in most regions). No THC remediation necessary. High market demand. All bringing your harvest to fruition sooner.

Risk reduction: Zero THC = No Hot Hemp. Panakeia cannot go hot as it has zero psychoactive components. Zero THC = zero farming, transport, extraction, or sales risks due to THC.

Yields: Under optimal conditions, Panakeia produces more than 4000 lbs/acre.

Economic advantages: Faster & cheaper processing, no lost "hot crops", higher market demand, early harvesting, high yields, high cannabinoid value.

Product advantages: all cannabinoid markets are available as Panakeia produces zero THC - flower is always compliant, extracts/concentrates/ edibles/tinctures never go above THC limits, CBG biomass has higher value than CBD.

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Development of HURV19PAN (Panakeia)

Panakeia was developed with our partner Hemp Trading S.L.U. and the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain. It is produced and distributed by Cannabis Orchards in Canada. The development of Panakeia was made possible through cross and selective breeding by inhibiting specific passageways of the biosynthetic route of cannabinoids, thus preventing the formation of THC, the psychoactive component, and increasing the accumulation of CBG, a cannabinoid that until now was only found in vestigial amounts in the plant. That means a double achievement: not only has THC been eliminated, but the concentration of CBG has been increased. The result is a strain specially developed for medicinal cannabis patients for its therapeutic properties as well as for researchers and pharmaceutical companies interested in exploiting the medicinal properties of cannabis.

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