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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

After the successful distribution of Panakeia in the US market


Panakeia will be the first CBG and feminised seed to be approved by Health Canada on the list of approved cultivars.

Otawa, CANADA. June 25 2020 / Cannabis Orchards, a biotechnology company based in Ottawa (Ontario) focused on the production of innovative hemp varieties for their medicinal content, today announced its agreement with the Spanish company Hemp Trading to distribute Panakeia, the first THC-free (0.00%) and high CBG (18%) content hemp variety. This alliance will enable the large-scale production and distribution of Panakeia in the Canadian market.

This latest advancement in hemp plant science was developed by Hemp Trading together with the Spanish university Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Panakeia's unique properties of being completely free of the psychoactive component THC and high in cannabigerol (CBG), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, can be effectively leveraged by the Canadian agricultural and wellness industries.

With a clinical focus, Cannabis Orchards delivers new varieties directly to patients in need, while increasing the body of literature on the health effects of minor cannabinoids. Led by a team of young scientists, the company is aligned to be the first to introduce a THC-free, a CBG and a feminized variety to the Canadian hemp industry.

Cannabis Orchard’s CEO Jamie Ghossein stated: “Through partnership with Hemp Trading, we will be introducing the first THC-free and CBG variety onto the list of approved cultivars of Health Canada, expected in fall 2020”. More importantly, “Panakeia will be the first feminized variety to be introduced on the list of cultivars, which means advancing the way we can cultivate and process medicinal varieties in Canada to maximize yield” Ghossein added.

With 18% CBG and 0.00% THC, “Panakeia will be groundbreaking for the majority of cannabis users seeking health benefits and who are currently let down by the Canadian offering. In fact, according to government data, we know most Canadians are using cannabis for medicinal purposes. Yet, the Canadian offering of medicinal cannabis varieties with high CBD or CBG content is very poor”, Ghossein explained.

“At Cannabis Orchards, we are constantly conducting research in developing innovative varieties intended as therapeutics. Through this partnership we know we can offer something new, not only to cannabis users but potentially to patients in hospital. We are seeking to conduct pre-clinical trials with this variety and others developed through our breeding program and private-public partnerships with Canadian Universities”, Ghossein said.

Higher benefits than CBD

Hemp Trading CEO, Ernesto Llosá, confirms that "CBG is the new trend in the hemp market and Panakeia offers great economic benefits, much higher than CBD. In addition, this new variety surprises with harvests up to 4000 pounds per acre and cuts costs of purification in extractions, since it does not contain THC".

"For us, the Canadian market is key for commercialising Panakeia as hemp is grown here on a large scale similarly to the US where Panakeia is being successfully distributed by two reputable companies: Front Range Biosciences and Tesoro Genetics.”, adds Llosá. “Canada is believed to be the world’s No. 2 hemp producer behind China, though presently the majority is for grain and fiber”, Cannabis Orchards ’s CEO added.

Panakeia is more than just CBG, it is a drastic shift for the hemp market – the ability to never fail a field compliance test, to transport all forms of the product from flower to concentrates, and to process with no need for THC remediation. In addition to these benefits, the high yields and flower quality of Panakeia are exceptional.

The potential of Panakeia not only lies in its 0.00% THC, but also in its high concentration of cannabigerol (CBG) up to 18%. Before Panakeia, CBG was present only in a residual way and now can provide extensive medicinal benefits, according to different studies. Research suggests that CBG may have beneficial effects in reducing pain, glaucoma or psoriasis; also it could have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Panakeia is setting a new benchmark for pharmaceutical companies interested in exploring the medicinal properties of cannabis in a legal way.

About Hemp Trading

Hemp Trading is a Spanish company with more than 15 years of experience distributing products for the cultivation of cannabis internationally. It currently operates in more than 20 countries in the EU, Latin America and the USA, making it one of the leaders in the cannabis market. Ever since it started operating, Hemp Trading has focused on research and genetic improvements in cannabis. Thus, its team includes agronomy engineers and biotechnologists who apply the most sophisticated technologies, such as gas chromatography and genetic sequencing, to analyse the plants in terms of both their genotype and phenotype.

Hemp Trading aspires to become a global benchmark in the production of cannabis seeds that are high in medicinal phytocannabinoids. Therefore, the company is firmly committed to Research, Development and Innovation at the service of Premium THC-free genetics.

About Cannabis Orchards

Cannabis Orchards is an innovative, research-driven Canadian biotechnology company focused on producing Canada’s highest quality hemp flowers for their medicinal contents, such as CBD and CBG. It currently leads research into the development of new hemp varieties, as well as their application in the clinic. The raw materials they produce are highly sought after by licensed producers, licensed extraction facilities, and the pharmaceutical industry. With a license to cultivate, sell, import, and export hemp, Cannabis Orchards leads the Canadian medicinal hemp sector with the introduction of many innovative varieties. Through their certified plant breeders, Cannabis Orchards can conduct research and license new hemp varieties for their sale in the Canadian market.


Media contact

Marisa Tordera

Hemp Trading Communication Manager

Rachael Cranston

Cannabis Orchards Media Relations


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