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Fraudulent Claims Regarding CBG Availability in Canada

Please be aware of fraudulent activity and claims related to CBG availability. The following Q&A will provide you with accurate information regarding current CBG availability in Canada. For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at

Which CBG varieties are currently available in Canada?

In 2020, there are no approved industrial hemp varieties with high CBG content on the Health Canada List of Approve Cultivars (LOAC). In November of 2020, we have submitted our variety Panakeia, the first THC-free CBG industrial hemp variety, for addition to the LOAC. We will update our website if approval is granted. To our knowledge, there are no other CBG varieties eligible for addition to the LOAC. Therefore, please be cautious of claims regarding CBG varieties and their distribution in Canada.

Who will be distributing Panakeia in Canada? Are you affiliated with another company?

Cannabis Orchards is the only company distributing Panakeia in Canada. We are not affiliated with another company, trademark or brand. We have been victim of fraudulent claims from companies/individuals claiming they will also be distributing Panakeia or CBG in Canada. If you come across any individual or company claiming to own the distribution rights to Panakeia, please advise us immediately. Panakeia is registered with the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO), as well the CFIA Plant Breeder's Right Office. Our genetic is patent protected. Any illegal activity related to Panakeia will be reported to regulatory and police agencies.

I have been contacted by an individual/company claiming to distribute CBG seed, clones, whole biomass or flower. Is this a trustworthy source?

Please verify with us directly if you are concerned of the legitimacy of a source claiming to offer CBG. You can reach us at If you are looking to purchase CBG seed, clones, whole biomass for processing or flower, please reach us for details on availability.

For any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.


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